What would you do with $4 BILLION?

YouTubeManoj Bhargava is an amazing entrepreneur that was faced with this question.  He invented the 5 Hour Energy Drink and became a billionaire overnight.  Check out this movie (42 min.) and see what he does with his money.  It is fascinating!

I teach Entrepreneurship, Economics, Personal Finance, and Leadership classes and can’t wait to share this with my students in all of these.  In Entrepreneurship – look for how he decides what to fund… a great way to think about what YOU should do.  For Economics – It is amazing how one person can change the economy/lives of an entire region by just raising the standard of living.  For Personal Finance – Philanthropy is something my students have a hard time understanding.  This man is LIVING it!  For Leadership – This is all about seeing purpose in your life.  Manoj Bhargava is a walking example of having a mission and living it!



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  1. This is really cool video. It makes you think if one person try’s to change the world and does this, what would happen if we all do?

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