Systems Make the World Go Round

SystemsWell, at least they make mine go round! Homeschooling five boys for 14 years has had its challenges. Every one of those challenges has brought growth. One of the first things I realized when I started on this journey was that I had to put some systems in place or I would go stark raving crazy!

Let me back up a little… Before I started homeschooling I was doing OK. I had my oldest in 1st grade and my twins were 4 and my youngest was 2. Things got a little crazy at times, and I was yelling – a LOT. Too much. At that point I was already planning on homeschooling the next year and my yelling was one of the main reasons I was thinking I shouldn’t do it. I didn’t like it and didn’t want to subject my sons to that 24/7. It was hard but I decided to change. I made systems, created order, established forms.

Systems or forms are the structure – the bones – underneath an organization (ie, government, business, home). I made some rules and systems so that my kids knew what to expect and I just had to apply them. Much less yelling was the result.

Fast forward to today. We have systems for cleaning the house, doing dishes, doing school, and helping my parents. Everyone knows what they are responsible for and what happens if they don’t follow through. I’ve added a 5th son to the mix, and it’s funny. He is SOOOOOO protective of his jobs.   You disturb the system and he gets really upset!

We’ve had to tweak the system over the years.  When my first son went away to college, we readjusted and gave some of his jobs to his younger brothers.  Last year my twins also went away to college.  That was a major adjustment but because we had a system in place we tweaked it a little and we were able to continue.  The nice thing is, when they all come home, they just automatically fit into the system again!

Just think if we all understood the systems around us and could effect change in them! Just think what we all could accomplish

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