“Prime” Example for Economics

wild rideToday Amazon is trying to do Prime Day to get people to spend a bunch of money.  It is really tempting to take a look… and I just might see if any Lego sets that Tommy wants are discounted enough to tempt me… but for the most part, I’m doing my part to slow down the velocity of money.

The velocity of money is a very real statistic that is looked at to estimate the well-being of the economy.  A slowdown is not considered a “positive” thing.  So why would I want to promote a negative thing in the economy?  Well, things have got to change.

Do I want the economy to implode? No.  Do I want something to happen to necessitate drastic change? YES!  Researcher and economist Harry Dent sees the need for a “reset” and I happen to agree with him.  A recession is a “reset” that allows all the dead wood to be washed away which makes way for new growth.  The cronies have been allowed free reign for too long.  They are trying to keep companies and technologies alive that should have died long ago.  We have a young work force that is just waiting to take its place in the world.  We just need to give them the space to do it.

Another reason I like the idea of a “reset” is to get rid of what Bill Bonner, another economist/businessman, calls “zombies”.  Zombies are anyone who lives off of another (or the government’s) money.  If Harry’s “reset” happens, Bill’s “zombies” would have to get a life!  I may be silly but I like that idea.

But, who am I?  Just a homeschooling mom with an interest in teaching personal and fiscal responsibility and how they are interrelated with freedom.  I’m just a tiny pebble in a huge world.  BUT… I can make a ripple that can radiate to many more and the people I touch can ripple out as well.  I’ve just got to take the initiative and be willing to throw out my ideas to others and see where it takes us all.  If Harry and Bill are right, it could be a pretty wild ride.

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