My Educational Journey: A Classic Suburban Tale

Classic SuburbanIn an effort to improve my writing and to help my students improve theirs, I recently signed up for a writing class. My first assignment for this class is to write a paper describing my educational journey as a vehicle. While I can definitely see how my education has gotten me where I am today, part of the assignment was to tell what KIND of vehicle it is. That is a little harder. Cars are my husband’s area of expertise, not mine. It took a little bit of thinking on my part but I finally decided on a classic Chevy suburban.

At first I was thinking about all different makes of cars… my first car – a VW bug; an RV; even a Mercedes. In the end, it had to be a Chevy. When I think of Chevys I think of good foundations, a solid frame. My education, as an adult, started with bachelors and masters degrees in Home Economics. While sometimes I have been tempted to think that “Home Ec” is old fashioned, I’ve come to recognize it for the “classic” it is. The home is the foundation of society and covers a variety of subjects that I am passionate about.

In order to “hold” everything for my journey, the car model has to be pretty big. The Suburban fits the bill. It can hold all the trainings, seminars, webinars and presentations I’ve gone to and all the information I learn on the way. It has plenty of room for all my books too! Any educational journey would be incomplete without lots and lots of books!

As a classic car, my education is constantly being “fixed” and improved, but always with consideration of the history and foundation behind it. I have to be careful to keep to the “vision” of the original so I don’t destroy the purpose. It is like understanding Home Economics for what it really is. So many people still think of it as cooking and sewing but it is so much more! As a college major it no longer exists. It has been changed to “Consumer Science”. Unfortunately, by taking out the “home” it has destroyed the purpose. It has changed the focus from building and supporting the home to studying consumerism. I am constantly trying to turn myself from the consumerism slant to the home focus. I want to see the interaction of people and help them make choices that will positively impact their lives. My educational journey isn’t about transforming a classic Suburban into a shiny new Ferrari. It is about seeing and supporting the beauty of the classic while making it purposeful today.

My educational journey has always been about taking others along for the ride. I got my masters degree so that I could teach others. As my journey has progressed I see it more as teaching others so that they can go on and teach more people. Fortunately the Chevy Suburban has a trailer hitch and roof rack so I have plenty of room for passengers! Want to join me?

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