How to Cut Your Budget – Cell Phone Bill

cell phoneThis year I had to do something about our budget.  I decided to quit my part-time teaching position because my kids needed me to be more present this year.  In order to do that I had to crunch some numbers…

One of my biggest bills (after my mortgage) was my cell phone bill.  I have 4 phones on my plan – 2 smart and 2 dumb (flip) phones. My Verizon Wireless bill was over $200 a month.  I am now paying about $75 a month… AND I have total control over my bill… as well as a way to cut it even more!

With my Verizon plan, I had to purchase a set amount of minutes and if I didn’t use them, I never got them back.  They didn’t roll over into the next month.  With my new plan, I pay for the minutes/texts/data I use – nothing more, nothing less.  I am much more aware of when I am using my phone and what I’m using it for.  I don’t just play around on my phone, wasting time, when I’m not on wifi.  I also make a conscious choice if I want to pay for a phone call or text.  Some people might not like that but for me, I like knowing what I’m paying for and being able to make the choice to lower my bill.

My new phone service also has a referral program so that you can earn $50 for your first person that you send to them and $25 each after that.  Since my bill is only $75, that is huge!  How would you like to help your friends and yourself!  It is really easy to get started… click HERE on my referral link to check out TING!

Now, TING isn’t for everyone.  I have to admit that I have had a few dropped calls with them.  They use the Sprint network and the Verizon network is stronger in my area.  You are also required to sign up for automatic payments.  I balked at this at first but for $125 a MONTH saving, I decided it was worth it. That is over $1,500 a year that I am saving!  Definitely worth it!

If this sounds like something your budget could benefit from, let me refer you!  Click HERE on my link and you can get started saving money!

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