Don’t EVER call me a Housewife!

housewifeEvery once in awhile I get someone who calls about surveys and if I have time I usually will answer their questions. I don’t run into it very often but every once in awhile they will call me a housewife… not a good thing.

When my husband isn’t thinking, he calls me a housewife.

If you ever want to give me the ultimate insult, call me a housewife.

If you don’t want a 30 minute lecture, don’t call me a housewife!

In my house “housewife” is a BAAAAAD word!   I’d really like to know who came up with the term. How in the world is a person supposed to marry an inanimate object? I find the term belittling. A wife has a husband and they both have a home. They both should be concerned with their home, which encompasses much more than just a house!

I’ve tossed around “titles” before like “domestic engineer” or “domestic goddess”. My favorite is homemaker. Making a home is the ultimate career. Being called a homemaker is the ultimate compliment!

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