Cleaning Project #1 – Microwave

I haven’t forgotten!  Sorry it has taken me a little longer to get this started than I thought.  Life happens, and it isn’t all on the internet!

The first cleaning/cleaner project I decided to do was my microwave.  As you can see by the picture, it needed it!  I found these instructions HERE at One Good Thing by Jillee.  Jillee was hesitant to put them up because she thought everyone knew about this.  I didn’t so I’m sure some of you don’t (or maybe not… maybe I’ve just been hiding under a rock… but in case you are like me…)

Anyway, I don’t like cleaning my microwave because it is a pain.  I don’t like spraying a bunch of harsh chemicals in it because I just imagine them dripping down into my food.  But I’ve had a hard time getting grease and gunk off of it without the cleaners.  Well no more!  This one actually worked!

All I did was put a glass 4-cup measuring cup with one cup vinegar and one cup hot water, into the microwave and then turn it on for 10 minutes.  Jillee said you should check it at 5 minutes just in case.  Well, I got going on something else and came back to it and my microwave could easily be wiped clean.  No scrubbing.  It had just a slight vinegar smell to it but that was fine with me.  I don’t mind vinegar!  It is stuff that I can’t pronounce that I have a problem with…

One Good Thing by Jillee is a great site, by the way!  She has a bunch of ideas… I’m looking forward to spending some time on her site… once I get my house clean!

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