Book Review – Reallionaire by Farrah Gray

ReallionaireThe majority of my students are home schooled so when I can find a book about a successful homeschooler, I grab it!  Farrah Gray’s autobiography, “Reallionaire”, tells his story about growing up in the housing projects of Chicago with his single mother and how his life turned around…

Farrah shares how important his mother was to his success.  She was his first example and helped him find his first mentor.  He also shares the many rocky parts of his life.  He failed several times.  He writes about how it felt to let his investors down and how hard it was to go through that disappointment.  He was also taken advantage of on many occasions by adults.  He didn’t let any of this stop him and he made his first million by the time he was 14.

One of the reasons I really like using this book in classes is that while Farrah is telling his life story, he is also giving action points and ideas for kids to work on in their life.  It is a great book to inspire kids to think about what they want out of life and how to go and get it.

I’ve had students in my leadership and my personal finance/entrepreneurship classes read this.  My homeschool group also used this book for a youth conference we put on for our students.  All of them we positively influenced by this book.

Some of my students, while they liked what he said, didn’t like his writing style.  They found it hard to read.  I personally didn’t have a problem but could understand their complaint.  He has since written two more books and has quite a bit more experience.  I’m eventually going to have to read another one of his books so that I can compare them.

If you do read “Reallionaire” by Farrah Gray, please let me know what you think!

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