Book Review – Laddie

laddieA couple years ago I had the opportunity to read several books that I normally wouldn’t have. If you are anything like me, you have a pile of books next to your bed that gets bigger everyday! When I’m teaching classes I have even more books because I need to keep up with my students. The year I’m referring to I also ran a book club for adults … and it was with this group that I found my new favorite book – Laddie by Gene Stratton-Porter.

I never would have read this book. I had heard of it but it was not something I had ever considered reading. I’m not sure why. Now I am on a mission to have as many people read it as possible! It is THAT good! (I’m actually bribing my sons to read it.)

Laddie is a story a young girl and her family who lived in the late 1800s. I did some researching and this book is autobiographical. The story is told from the young girl’s perspective – she is the youngest of 12 children and her favorite sibling is her brother Laddie. One of the first things she says in the book is that the only person that wanted her was her brother. She was a surprise to her parents who thought they were done having children. When she was born, even her mother cried. But Laddie loved her completely.   Now don’t let this put you off. This is about a family that I think should be used as an example. I want my kids to read it over and over because of the principles these people lived by.

As a home economist, I love this book on a different level. It shows how a home should be run. The parents obviously adored each other and harmoniously worked together. They had different stewardships within their home and respected each other and what they brought to the family. The book also goes pretty in depth into how a home back then was run. They were truly georgic (a subject for another post!) We can learn so much from classic books like this.

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