Want a PRIZE?


As part of the SF Federal Reserve’s Educational Advisory Group, participating teachers are supposed to evaluate some of  their educational resources and let them know how they are doing.  Teachers are also supposed to have their students look at certain resources and take a survey.  As a homeschooler I don’t quite fit into their mold.  I’ve asked if I can have YOU, other parents, look at these resources and evaluate them.  They have agreed and have even given me a prize to offer!  The prize is a solar backpack!   I will be randomly picking one person from everyone that watches the short video and fills out the survey and they will get the backpack.

Here is how it works:  Watch this video:

Then click HERE to fill out the survey.  For the teacher code use HCHS followed by your first and last initial.  For example, if your name is Jane Doe your code would be HCHSJD.

Then, and this is the most important part, leave a comment with your first name and last initial.  I will contact the winner and get their shipping information from them.

I will do the drawing on May 3rd.



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Choices in Education Conference



Today is the last day to sign up the the Choices in Education Conference for the discounted rate of only $10!  This is an amazing deal and I highly recommend attending if you are in the Temecula, California area.  It is being held on April 12th so it is just around the corner.  I’m going to be there with information about the Money Game, my curriculu REAL Life! and my online economics class – OIKONOMICOS.  Hope to see you there!

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Happy Birthday Josh!

christiansen 20130135Twenty years ago today I was blessed beyond measure with my firstborn son.  It is so hard to believe that he is already 20 years old!  It has been the most amazing gift to see him grow and mature.  He has always been a deep thinker.  When he was little he would get this little crease between his eyebrows when he was thinking… in fact he still does!  He is generous, kind and courageous.  As the oldest of five brothers he needs all of these qualities!  And he uses them well.  I am so grateful that he see himself as someone who can make a difference in the world.  I know he can… but the fact that he has a glimpse of that too is so important.  I love you Josh!  I’m so proud of you!

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The Importance of Show and Tell

showandtellAt the Shakespeare play last week, during intermission, our 7 year old was up on stage dancing around, craving the spotlight he has grown up seeing his brothers in.  And he wasn’t the only younger sibling up there!  There were several vying for the attention of the audience.  And they were all having fun, even when no one was paying attention to them.

Did you know that public speaking is feared by most people more than death?  It is the top fear for 74% of the population.  If kids can get over this fear early on, it will be a huge benefit to them in later life.

And that is where Show and Tell comes in.  When kids are little it is easy to get them talking.  You just have to give them a chance.  At my homeschool group we have a class for younger kids that has almost always included show and tell.  Each of the kids has a turn to stand up in front of everyone else and talk about something they care about… even if it is just a bug they found outside on the side walk.

I’ve also been part of organized park days that took time to have the kids do show and tell each week before they went off and play.  It isn’t hard to do, you just have to take the time to do it.

All of our children have a mission and a purpose here on earth and it will be so much easier for them to fulfill it if they aren’t afraid of speaking up!

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Love’s Labours Lost

042This past weekend two of my sons were in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost.  One was Longeville and the other played Boyet.  They both did an absolutely fabulous job!

This may be the last Shakepeare play I get to see my boys in for awhile.  I have two graduating this year and they will be off at college next year.  Our 15 year old most likely will be taking speech and debate rather than acting, and our 7 year old won’t be taking Shakespeare until he is 12.  It makes me realize how grateful I am to Shakespeare and these acting classes that my boys have been able to participate in.

By studying Shakespeare they have learned so much about human nature. They know to question what is presented to them.  They have read most of his plays and are able to see the depth, not just the surface of his meaning.  I love the fact that they think Romeo and Juliet is not a romance but a tragedy because two young immature people did something stupid and because adults weren’t able to communicate.

By acting in the plays they will never be held back by the fear of being in front of others.  They know how to memorize and prepare to be on stage.  They also know how to improvise and that when everything seems to fall apart, the show must go on and they will survive.

I look back at myself at their age and the dread I had about even raising my hand in class.  I’m still working on getting the confidence they all have.  They inspire me!

I don’t teach the acting classes.  At least I haven’t yet.  I’m sure someday I will.  And when I do, I will be remembering how each of my boys has grown up loving Shakespeare and how much it has changed them.


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The Congressional Award!

My 15 year old son has decided to work on getting the Congressional Gold 132Medal Award.  Today he completed his first step by getting his Bronze Certificate.  This is a four year commitment for him… something not every boy his age would make!  It involves public service, physical fitness, personal development as well as stepping out of his comfort zone by going on adventure trips.  I’m so proud of him in so many ways!  Great Job Daniel!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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First Conference of the Year!

Today I attended my first Homeschool Conference of the year – The Family Forum in Salt Lake City, UT.  This is the second year I’ve attended it and I absolutely love it.  It isn’t really big but it is at the perfect time of year.  I usually suffer from burn-out around this time of year and by getting a jolt of inspiration I can come back and be a better teacher and mom.

029This year I also got the added benefit of sharing a table with some friends and sharing my message of Financial Freedom and how I can help people teach their kids about it.  I think hanging around in the vendor area I learned as much as I did in the workshops!

The two women that I shared a table with are Kathy Mellor of Unleashing Your Voice and Brenda Haws of New Commonwealth Schools.  Kathy’s public speaking workshops are AMAZING!  She teaches both the kids and adults.  She has inspired me to teach a public speaking class next year for my homeschool group.  And my homeschool group is actually a Commonwealth School (homeschool group is a more recognized term so I tend to use it more.)  Brenda helps people put together these once a week schools for homeschoolers.  Commonwealth schools can be transformational for the entire family!  It is so much more than just a homeschool co-op.

In April I’ll have another booth at the Choices in Education Conference in Temecula, CA.  This is a fairly new conference but I’m really looking forward to it.  If you are in the area I know you will find all kinds of resources there.  And at only $10 it is VERY reasonable!

June is the big month for Homeschool Conventions this year.  I’ll be helping man a booth for the Federal Reserve the 12th-14th at the Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, CA.  It is one of the largest homeschool conventions in the nation.  The next weekend I’ll be speaking at the California Homeschool Network Family Expo in Torrance, CA.  I’m giving three different workshops – The Money Game; Know Money, Know Freedom – an Economics workshop; and Teaching the 5 Most Important Things Your Kids Need to Know about Personal Finance.  I can’t wait!

Hope to see some of you there!

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Introducing – OIKONOMICOS!

I truly believe that you must know about how money works in order to be truly free in the world today.  Especially for young people!  There are always opportunities, no matter what is going on in the world.  You just have to be able to see them!

Understanding Economics – it’s history, theories and how they affect our world, gives us the ability to see things that others might miss.  I feel so strongly about sharing these ideas I’ve decided to offer online classes next fall for high school students.  Here’s some more information:

OikonomicosIf you’d like more information about my classes, leave a comment and I’ll keep you updated!


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The Money Game!

TMG-LogoRegistered-1I am now officially The Money Game© Homeschool Representative!  I even have a web page on their site!
Check it out!

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